I’ve always been a dreamer. Amazed by all the beauty in this world, wonderful places, cities, food, nature and cultures. I want to see it all, one day, when I’ll have plenty of money and time. Until then I’ll work a day job and enjoy the weekends and 2 vacations a year. Not that appealing plan for 40 years, if you ask me. Regardless of the appeal of this plan I had no other. I thought it’s either work for someone or be rich. I wanted to be rich. Not necessarily for the money, but the freedom – mainly time. Having the opportunity to just pack your backs and hike through Patagonia, the Alps or anywhere your desires and not having to save up all your vacation and then return to the same job and routines. Spend a year in a different country/continent, learn different languages, cuisines and simply enjoy being alive.

My idea of being rich is not fixed to a specific figure. For me it’s having your monthly expenses covered by preferably passive income, savings for a minimum of 1 year of comfortable life and extra money for own projects that may or may not turn into additional income and a little more for travel – no 5* fancy hotels, just nice and clean airbnb and airfare tickets to cover.

That was my idea, but here’s the reality. Since I was yet to discover my million dollar idea and become rich and free, I’ve been working as analyst for Fortune 500 companies. It was the whole pack: BS corporate mottos, meaningless and endless meetings, year end conversations, promotion cycles, busy open spaces, Christmas parties and team-buildings. I’ve been quite lucky and my career developed fairly quickly and I reached a position that had a fair amount of responsibilities and awesome salary with it. But as it usually goes the higher you climb the corporate ladder the more demanding the job gets. The project I’ve worked on was extremely time consuming and of course understaffed. My 9-5 job quickly turned into 8-7pm often till 8/9pm. Long months of constant pressure, moving deadlines and work weekends until it happened. It was Friday, I was tired, angry and fed up with work as usual, but this time I shut the computer, took my headphones and went on a walk. I walked for 3 hours and knew something is different. I was done but this time really done, the great burnout has finally arrived. On my walk I’ve trying to think of solutions to my situation that would not involve giving a notice. A longer vacation ? Maybe some tropical island for 1 month would solve everything and I will come reenergized as never before. But I knew that it won’t work and began thinking about other jobs, something more relaxed even for less money to avoid this kind of stress. I didn’t want that either. I finally came to a conclusion of taking a sabbatical and here is why: I got the money take a couple months of, I don’t have kids to take care of, I’ll learn things I never had time because of the job and most importantly what’s the worst that can happen ? Lose a few months salaries and that’s it. Count me in!

Graphical representation of escaping the corporate world

Today is day 15 of my sabbatical, I wanted to to start a blog: check and write my first post: check. I’m crushing this.

P.S. I’m trying to learn some graphic design, so be prepared for some top-notch illustrations as above here and there. 🙂